Sirocco is an open source php framework designed to be a base for the development of any type of database oriented web application.
Keeping its first age stability, it has evolved towards being now a complete CMS solution offering all necessary, professional grade, functionalities.
Although it gets installed in 3 minutes with no hassle, its flexibility remains an example for this kind of software.

Sirocco is the solution to all your needs with its one-click-install modules : showcase or community site, entreprise or collectivity portal, webshop, intranet...

Complexity and variety of vegetal structures is the adequate metaphor for describing the content organisation issues Sirocco will ease you with.
Sirocco provides means and methodology for apprehending an heterogeneous and abounding structure and for optimizing its content restitution.
The following functionnalities ensure maximal handiness and performance for achieving these tasks:

  • ACL with inheritance allowing fine tuning in role and resources management
  • publication workflow control
  • versionning and roll-back
  • unlimited tree structure shaping
  • live evolving content structure
  • content caching
  • RSS and XML syndication
  • Automated sitemap generation for SEO (search engine optimization)

The CMS tool inherits these core standard abilities from the framework :

  • multilingual capability
  • multiple front-ends for one core application
  • documents handling
  • application backup and recovery